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About Our Fees

    Generally, Falbo Wealth Management works on a fee-base arrangement with our clients.  We believe in total transparency when it comes to the fees we charge and we are proud of the service we provide for the fee.  Our fees will vary depending on the amount of work we do or the assets we manage.  We discuss all of our fees up front with our clients.

    Please note that our fees are not to guarantee performance or to provide things we cannot control. At Falbo Wealth Management, our service provides our clients with Clarity, Insight and our Partnership in making your planning decisions.  Our goal is to provide you with the value that we believe will ultimately save you money in the long run by helping you make informed decisions with your money.

    Our fee is primarily for behavioral advice. This means that you must ask yourself, are you receiving the value for the fee you pay for our wealth management services and would you save more as we can help you avoid mistakes many people are making? Would our services save you time, energy and help with record keeping? Incidentally you will also get retirement income planning, asset allocation, portfolio selection, financial education, retirement lifestyle education, monitoring and reporting.