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My Story

 I have always been interested in people and money and how the two fit together. After I graduated St. John’s University in 1995, with a bachelors in Finance I successfully went through and passed Merrill Lynch’s Financial Adviser training program. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work for a number of large brokerage firms and banks. I have spent my entire career as a Financial Adviser and in essence "grew up in the business". Over the years I have gained extensive experience as a personal financial adviser working with all sorts of clients in all kinds of situations. I have always tried to take as personal an approach as possible, even when I worked for large institutions. I am able to accomplish this with a lot more ease by owning my own financial advisory practice Falbo Wealth Management. A huge benefit is that it is easier for me to get out more financial education to my clients by using all the wonderful technology that is available today. I believe strongly in educating clients and providing them with the tools so that they understand their own situation. I also believe in helping clients clarify where they are going in the future and then providing them with my insight on how to use their resources the best to get there. Every client is unique emotionally and financially and deserves a very personal approach to their partnership with a financial adviser. This is what I try to accomplish at Falbo Wealth Management each and every day.